My journey into Headshot Photography

I'd like to say welcome back to my blog, but I'd probably need to have made more than one post to say that.  Instead I'll say welcome.  

I'm hoping to make more frequent posts, hopefully twice a week.  Don't hold me to that sometimes my life gets pretty busy.

I've kept pretty busy lately.  I've gone back to my roots so to speak and have been doing quite a few Head Shot sessions.  My goal is to improve my portfolio and turn that into some paying work in the future.  The first of my most recent shoots was Brad.

Untitled photo

This photo is one of my best head shots I've taken.  As soon as I saw it come up on the screen I knew I had something special.  It was my first foray into the classic Clam Shell setup.  I really love this setup and it works well for the equipment I have right now.  This photo used a 47" reflector umbrella above Brad and a reflector underneath the main light.  I used another speedlight to camera left to give some highlights.  I did very little post processing on the picture.  

Untitled photo

This photo was part of a larger shoot with Galen.  My intent was to go with a more dramatic lighting setup.  It came off just like I wanted it.  I love that sneaky expression on her face. For this setup my main light is above Galen on camera right.  I used a second speed light on camera left as fill light.

Untitled photo

My most recent shoot was Mari.  Once again I used the clam shell setup.  Mari's shoot was fun because it was easy to get her to laugh.  She has an amazing smile and it was fun to capture them.

My first paying photography job was doing head shots for the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Arizona.  It was also the project that really made me realize that I wanted to photograph people.  I've realized that for me it's less than about the photos and more about making connections with people.  My favorite thing to hear after a photo shoot was "That was fun!"  

If you have questions about the photos or any constructive feedback I'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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