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New Territory

Welcome to my blog! I promise not to make long rambling novels. This will just be a place to share my thoughts on different shoots and projects I’m working on.

This past weekend I went to the Tucson Hunter Jumper Association Annual show. My wife showed our horse Flicka there. I’m always amazed by these shows. The riders and trainers put in so much work and have such dedication. I always enjoy seeing what the horses can do as well.

Debbie and Flicka

If you’re interested in learning more about the horse shows I’m going to post a link to the Wikipedia article. They’ll do a much better job explaining it than I will.

I enjoyed getting out and taking these pictures. When you get a good picture it’s really cool. The horses can do such amazing things. You never think that horses can be capable of jumping quite so high. The way the horse and rider work together to get around the horse is pretty special also.

Good lines.

I love the way the horse looks in the picture above. Fully stretched out you can see the muscles in the legs and it makes the jump. About a split second later I would have caught the horse fully in the air.

Completely off the ground

Relatively speaking this isn't a great picture of the horse and rider. But I like it because it shows just how far off the ground the. I don't recall how high these fences were, I believe this was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2'6" or so. Some of the Grand Prix shows have fences as high as 5'.


Look at the rider in this picture. She has such concentration already looking at where they need to go next.

I'll be adding more pictures to the Gallery for this horse show over the next couple of weeks. So check back to see more. I believe that one of the bigger shows is going to be starting soon. The horses in those shows should be jumping at about 5' or so. I hope to get out for a few days and take more pictures.

So if you've made it this far into my first blog post I have a special reward. Because the holiday season is coming up, many families like to have their portrait put on holiday cards, calendars, or just to hang on their wall. So if your interested in having your portrait taken I'll do it for free. Just head over to my facebook page (, and post that you've read this blog post. I'll pick a person and get in contact with you to work out the details.

I will say that my travel options are limited but post anyway and perhaps we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!